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4 Things Every Real Estate Company Should Be Doing on Social Media

Social media ranks as one of the cheapest and most effective methods companies use to promote products and services. Many real estate companies now use this medium to reach their target markets, as well. But, unless the people behind the account know how to push their message on social media, this tool may not create the impact it should. Consider doing these four things on social media to promote your real estate company:

Respond to Queries and Mentions from Followers

Many times, companies automate messages to post from their social platforms and do not check in to see how people respond. Aim to engage with consumers. Do not bombard them with messages and ads. With this aim in mind, it becomes even more important to respond to messages from followers.

Remember, followers will not always post favorable responses. But, do not get upset. Read the message, try to understand what is wrong, and see how you can help to win them over. If customer service can handle their problem, refer them to the right people. If not, provide what information you can. Do not argue with them.

When consumers feel the need to share good opinions and reviews of the company, show some gratitude. Re-share their post, thank them, or do both. As the business and its following grows, doing this for every mention will no longer prove feasible, but do it as often as you can.

Share Lots of Content, but Less Promotions

Marketers bombard consumers with advertisements and spam all day long. One recent study claimed that the average person navigates through 5,000 ads per day. Some companies respond to this by attempting to own as many of those 5,000 ads as possible.

Smart companies realize that on social media, people do not want companies to coerce them or overtly influence them into buying their products. Stick to the 80/20 rule. In other words, ensure that the content shared on social media comprises of 80% humor and valuable information, and 20% promotional content.

Share Personable, not Personal Messages

Many social media marketers confuse being personable with sharing personal details about their private lives. While this may work in some industries, for example, music and television, it does not usually work for real estate companies.

Share the occasional video of work relationships and fun, team activities on the job. But, keep the pictures of a new addition to the family or recent loss to private social media channels.

Personable connections include humorous posts and friendly responses to messages. For instance, take pictures of the construction crew standing outside a recently finished project with a funny caption. Highlight key moments spent with clients. Share strategic partnerships that the company builds and key relationships it makes in the professional arena.

In other words, keep the content professional and the tone informal.

Use Proper Spelling and Grammar for your Messages

Make full use of spell check before submitting. Consumers expect a level of professionalism from companies that include flawless language in messages, even though they know humans are behind the account.

Companies that frequently post messages with typos and grammatical errors often face one or both of two scenarios. The company gains some bad spotlight as trolls make fun of the brand. And finally, consumers lose faith in the expertise behind the brand based on poor articulation skills. Since most people use articulation to measure intelligence, this in essence makes the company look stupid.

When companies brand themselves as experts in their field, they must portray the flawless articulation consumers attach to this image.

Roman Temkin is a real estate developer from NYC.

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