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NYC Real Estate Developer: Roman Temkin

Roman Temkin New YorkRoman Temkin is a successful entrepreneur and real estate developer who lives and works in NYC. Temkin was born and raised in Orlando, Florida. Temkin moved to New York in 2006. He’s lived in the Upper East Side ever since. Temkin has found success as an entrepreneur in both New York City and Florida.

With his entrepreneurial background, Temkin is equipped to share valuable insights on real estate, entrepreneurship, technology, social media, and sports to the WordPress community, as well as the rest of the world.

On this site, you will find Roman Temkin’s latest works. He blogs about real estate development, real estate business, real estate strategies, latest A merican sports news, technology, social media trends/news, and last but not least, entrepreneurship. From time to time, Temkin touches upon political news and Big Data.

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