4 Ways to Best Advance Professionally

No matter what type of field you work in, chances are you want to advance. This doesn’t necessarily mean finding a new company or line of work, but it does mean progressing. Many people, however, are not quite sure how to accomplish this. Here are four ways to best advance professionally so you can achieve all of your goals.

Have the goal in mind…

Know where your career is going. This doesn’t necessarily mean having every little detail plotted out on a timeline, but you should know where you want to end up and the general steps you will take to get there. Knowing your goal helps you make decisions to reach the place you want to be professionally.

Speak to people who have the role or position to which you aspire…

Ask them how they got there. Not only can they offer advice, but you will probably discover shortcuts to reach your goal sooner. They can help you figure out the specifics of what you need to do to advance professionally, and once you know this, you can start working towards it without detours.

Look around your workplace…

What teams or departments will help you reach your goal? Once you know this, it is time to make connections in these areas. Talk to people, and help out even if you don’t work in that area. You never know when word of mouth will get around and who might be listening to chatter about you. Make yourself visible in a positive way in the areas of your organization helps you to reach your end goal.

Only pursue goals you want to achieve…

If you realize your original plan just isn’t you, then look for something else. The last thing you want is to lose passion and motivation because you no longer want to be where you are. Be ready to change directions if you need to, and make sure you are excited to advance.

Everyone wants to move forward, so it is important to know how to get ahead in your career. Keeping these four ways to best advance professionally in mind keeps you from stagnating in your job and helps you achieve your professional goals.

Roman Temkin is the leading NYC real estate developer. 

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