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California Ruling Reignites Gun Debate

The gun control debate in the United States goes through highs and lows, but it’s never far from the surface and can pop off hot again at the drop of a hat. A recent ruling out of California brought the debate back to the forefront of the American mind.

A federal appeals court ruled that counties in California have the right to restrict concealed carry permits, barring those who cannot produce an approved reason for carrying a concealed handgun. While the ruling itself surprised many on both sides of the debate, it’s not surprising to learn it’s coming out of California. The state is currently considering multiple gun regulations and laws, both in the courts and in the ballot box. Each one is a firebrand and PR opportunity for advocates on both sides of the gun control debate.

Anti-Gun & Pro-Gun Arguments

On one side you have those who want more restrictions, who are hailing the ruling as a major victory, and rallying their troops to press the perceived advantage. On the other side, you have the gun lobby and gun owners who are enraged the courts would deny what they believe to be a person’s fundamental right of self-protection.

Constituents on both sides stand eager and ready to grab up the banners and pass along the soundbites and tried and true arguments. Bystanders can expect round after round to be fired off between now and November. Meantime, gun advocates are considering an appeal to the contentious ruling.

Feverish Debates on Both Sides

For those looking for a silver lining, there is some wiggle room in the regulations. While California has a very strict “good cause” restriction, the eight other states covered by the ruling and counties in all these states are free to interpret and apply these regulations as they see fit. What might qualify as a good cause in some counties might be restricted in others, and that local regulation is one aspect of the ruling most people on both sides of the issue support on some level.

This ruling may give both sides a reality to point to in order to convince those on the fence or less committed on this issue to come over to their way of thinking. It’s a cinch both sides are furiously working to create messaging and narratives to win hearts and minds to their position long before November.

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