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How to Create Business Professional Connections Using LinkedIn

Some social networks are ideal for connecting with people you don’t know but wish you did. LinkedIn, however, is purely for connecting with contacts or, at most, contacts of contacts. How do you build your network on a social media site that’s really just for people you already know? Here’s how:

1. Regularly post updates.

The more active people on LinkedIn are more visible to connections. When you’re active on LinkedIn, there’s a higher chance that people will ask to connect with you. When updating your status, use LinkedIn itself instead of a third-party tool – this will increase your engagement and ensure that more people see your message.

2. Check out the People You May Know feature on LinkedIn.

The platform does a good job of figuring out who you may be connected to – chances are that there are a lot of people in this section that you do know but didn’t realize where on LinkedIn. Send personalized invitations to connect with those people.

3. Be active on LinkedIn when other members are using the service.

During the afternoon, there are a lot of people using their computer to access the platform. In the evening, most people are logging on via their smartphone. When you notice that you make a lot of connections during a particular time of day, make it a point to log on during that time throughout the week.

4. Participate in Groups on LinkedIn.

Don’t just join, actually be an active member. Contribute to popular conversations, start discussions and make sure that your comments always add value to the conversation. Start with three groups, get active in them, and then consider joining more.

5. Be careful about what you share. LinkedIn is unlike other social media platforms in that it’s purely professional.

Creative professionals are welcome to share content, but make sure it always has a business-like appeal. News, insights about your industry, and articles that your audience will read are all good ideas of the type of content to share on LinkedIn. Think about the things that are interesting to your audience, figure out how that connects to your own career and then post relevant content.

The more connections you make on LinkedIn, the more you’ll see your network grow. LinkedIn has 150 million members worldwide – there’s no shortage of people to form business connections with.

Roman Temkin is a real estate developer from New York City.

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