Using Social Media to Optimize Your Real Estate Development Listing

In today’s society, social media provides an unlimited platform to reach a vast amount of viewers simply, efficiently, and effectively. Social media can assist in optimizing your real estate development listing. 

Utilize Existing Social Media Audience

First, you may already be an active member of social media websites that you can use to your advantage. Copy and paste the link to your real estate listing on your Facebook “status” bar and you can instantly share your listing with all of your Facebook followers. Depending on the number of Facebook friends you have, sharing the listing on Facebook is a great way to instantaneously reach a few hundred people – particularly many people who might live in your area and might be interested in the listing.

The same thing applies for social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. “Share” the link to your real estate listing in the caption section of an Instagram photo that includes a great shot of your listing. Utilize hashtags that can draw more users to find the listing. On Twitter, copy and paste the listing link into a Tweet and share it. On LinkedIn, you are able to do the same type of “sharing.” On the top of your home page, you can copy and paste a link to share with your LinkedIn connections.

Reach Broader Audience with YouTube

You can also utilize YouTube to effectively reach a broader audience. Create an account on YouTube if you do not already have one. Make a professional looking video or alternatively, make a slideshow of still photos that are a part of your real estate listing with a simple program that can be found online or by using an application like Microsoft Powerpoint. Upload your video and include the link to the listing in the information section of the video and a description that you think effectively advertises your piece of real estate. You will be surprised at how many views a video can rack up on YouTube quickly.

Check out Pinterest as well if you have not already. Create an account and then you can create a “pin” with almost anything you want! You can create a pin that links to your listing site and redirects viewers immediately upon s click on the photo you choose to serve as the “thumbnail” of your pin. Make sure to include information regarding the location of the listing in the caption of the pin to attract potential buyers.

Roman Temkin is a real estate developer from NYC.

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