Trump Campaign Teases Imminent Pivot

Every candidate campaigns differently in a general election than they do in a primary. It’s common knowledge, but candidates rarely admit it, much less telegraph their plans. Well, chalk another first up for Donald Trump, because his campaign just announced his intentions to “pivot” to a more “presidential” candidate…and they are celebrating the change.

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North Carolina Refuses to Bow to Big Business

After a recent law banning transgender individuals from opposite sex bathrooms was passed in North Carolina, the entire country decided to weigh in, including many major brands with big presences in the state. One of the most prominent was PayPal, who canceled plans to open a new operations center in the city of Charlotte. Now hundreds of workers don’t have jobs, and everyone is pointing fingers and assigning blame. Continue reading North Carolina Refuses to Bow to Big Business

Overview on Writing an Effective Mission Statement

Writing a mission statement as part of a marketing plan for a small, new firm is surprisingly easy. It is supposed to stay short, and it needs to be concise. All mission statements need to be written from the point of view the main customer in the base. Three questions should be asked before writing the mission statement, and all three questions need to be answered within the statement. First, ask the question, “What do we do?” The next question, which should be answered in the statement is, “How do we do it?” The final question being answered is, “Who are we doing this for?” Answer these three questions concisely, and there will be a successful mission statement. Anything regarding the vision statement should be developed first, and it absolutely must stay out of the mission statement. Continue reading Overview on Writing an Effective Mission Statement

How Big Data Can Predict the Next POTUS

Anytime something hits big and sticks around there will be naysayers. Critics who just can’t help trying to knock something down a peg or three. Such is the reality of the Big Data revolution. Sure, it’s transforming how we shop, how we stay healthy – how we live in so many other ways. And it’s changing the way business operates in everything from supply chain to human resources to production and sales. But that hasn’t stopped the finger pointers in the peanut gallery from trying to claim Big Data really isn’t so big. Continue reading How Big Data Can Predict the Next POTUS

How to Create Business Professional Connections Using LinkedIn

Some social networks are ideal for connecting with people you don’t know but wish you did. LinkedIn, however, is purely for connecting with contacts or, at most, contacts of contacts. How do you build your network on a social media site that’s really just for people you already know? Here’s how:
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Six Common Sense Ways to Show Your Clients Love

We’ve all been there. You think you are doing all you can for your clients, but nothing is happening. You can’t seem to get long lasting clients. You wonder if the marketing campaign that you worked slaved over and planned hit its target audience. There are some common sense ways to show your clients that you value their business. The very first thing you need to do is to analyze what is working and what isn’t working in your clients’ campaign. After you analyzed this, you need to target the problem areas. There are several common sense ways to break down these problem areas and address them properly. For some PR and marketing professionals it may mean “going back to school” and getting more education to resolve issues. The important thing to note is that your client needs to know that you are keeping your promises. Continue reading Six Common Sense Ways to Show Your Clients Love