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Social Media and How It Affects Politics

Social media has readily become one of the most available mediums for conversations with people near and far. This usefulness extends to everything from bringing friends and family together to discussing the finer points of politics.

Rather than acting as just a side attraction for politics, social media has quickly taken a spot on the center stage of politics. It was influential in President Barack Obama’s initial election and re-election. It will likely be a major influence on the coming 2016 elections.

Let’s examine how social media influences politics.

1. Spreading Awareness

Social media holds the power to bring a single topic to light just by adding something as simple as a hashtag to it.

The #iranelection hashtag is one such example, as it has continually brought to light political wrongdoings in Iran’s democracy since 2009.

This makes social media’s ability to shed light on political subjects one of its major powers. Once a topic begins trending, it gets both supporters and criticism.

2. Spreading Political Awareness

Another way social media influences politics is in its way to spread both positive and negative information at the speed of light. Donald Trump’s recently released voice mails are an example of how quickly one piece of information can spread.

The same can be said for information with less velocity. Political slogans, ideas and reasons to vote for a certain candidate are all things that social media spreads.

3. A Constant Awareness

The biggest way social media has changed politics revolves around the way it brings politics into the life of the average person. You can acquire more information than you could ever want about politics by merely having a mobile device connected to a social media platform.

This change isn’t unique, – as it happened with the spread of the radio in the 1920s and the introduction of the television in the 1960s.

What is unique is the fact that discourse can happen on an intimate level between political candidates and the average person. This allows everyone to communicate in a rapid pace, which in turn makes it much easier to get to know about politics.

The Effects of Social Media on Politics

Social media has made politics into something that is more accessible, present and intimate than it was before. One person can truly make a change, as the simple power of hashtags have shown.

These changes meant hat political candidates, parties and anyone else involved in politics must tread carefully. One wrong move could spell disaster, while the right one could make for success.

Roman Temkin is a real estate developer from NYC.

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