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Guide to Starting a Career as a Real Estate Developer

Real estate development can be a very lucrative career choice where professionals purchase real estate, improve on the structures and sell them for a profit. If you’re a novice, it can also result in major losses. In order to enjoy greater success as a real estate developer, the following guide can help you on your way.

Step 1

While there are some who gain entry into the world of real estate without any qualifications, candidates will find it to their benefit when they acquire an education that is relevant to this field. Find classes that can help you obtain your state real estate license and earn a degree in construction management, finance, urban development or business administration.

Step 2

Go to work for a company that is involved in the real estate business. This job can provide you with the opportunity to gain experience in selling, buying or developing real estate. In addition to absorbing experience and information, you also want to put away as much money as possible. When you’re ready to practice your own business development endeavors in the future, you’ll have the funds ready to do so.

Step 3

The real estate industry can often be financially risky at times. In order to protect yourself, you want to establish business identity in the form of a limited liability or corporation. While the fees can run high and present a variety of advanced accounting issues, the protection provided by this important step can prevent you from having to incur personal costs.

Step 4

Whether you’re working on new construction or refurbishing an already built structure, it’s important to build solid relationships. When you need to rely on the construction professionals for work on a job site, you’ll be confident knowing that you’re receiving a fair price and quality craftsmanship. As you grow and expand your business, you’ll also want to focus on forming trusted relationships with lenders, banks and other financial investors. When you’re looking for a loan or competitive rates you’ll have the backing that you need.

Step 5

The real estate market is an industry that can fluctuate, dependent on the economy and global conditions. When you’re looking to invest in a project either commercial or residential, it’s important to keep on top of the current trends. Continuing education, and the Internet can prove helpful in boosting your success rate and allow you to stay ahead of the competition.

Roman Temkin is a real estate developer from NYC who loves sports.

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