Elon Musk Makes a Big Announcement About Mars Mission

Sometime in the years between the close of the shuttle program and the modern transition to private spaceflight, the Space Race took on a new, specific goal. Mars. Getting to the Red Planet—first, and, preferably, only—became the ultimate goal in this era of exploration. Continue reading Elon Musk Makes a Big Announcement About Mars Mission

How to Inspire Senior Executives as a Younger CEO

Coming in as a young CEO you have to walk a fine line. You want assertive and hyper capable senior executives, but you also want them to support your play and fall in line without having to threaten their job to coerce submission. Further, you will find yourself in the position of offering guidance and direction, even on issues where they likely agree with your perspective. Continue reading How to Inspire Senior Executives as a Younger CEO

Volkswagen Attempts to Overcome Scandal with Pay Raises

After months of taking a beating in the media thanks to the emissions scandal, Volkswagen was in desperate need of some positive press to hit the news cycle. And they might have just struck gold.

If there’s one way to cut through a series of negative cycles, it’s to cut through them by announcing that is giving out pay raises to workers. Continue reading Volkswagen Attempts to Overcome Scandal with Pay Raises

Samsung Shifts to Leaner Model

Early this year, the world’s largest smartphone maker admitted a problem. Samsung is hurting. Profits are down, stagnant and beginning to fall. Sure, the entire world handset market is starting to see pockets of over-saturation cutting into market share, but, where Apple has a major customer loyalty upside, Samsung customers are being pulled away by Chinese-made bargain brands, especially in China and even at home in Korea.

Continue reading Samsung Shifts to Leaner Model

Tips for Managing Your Team Off-site

Today’s international marketplace all but guarantees frequent travel. And technology makes that easier than ever, but how can you be an effective manager if you are gone all the time? It’s a challenge many managers face. Here’s how you win.

First, take advantage of the wisdom and information you gain by being in other places working with different teams. Allow your perspective to be deepened and cultured by opportunities and strategies you may not come across cooped up in your own office all the time.

Also, avoid the temptation to use technology to stay connected to your office as if you were there ALL the time. Take advantage of travel to learn, to unplug and to build yourself, rather than succumbing to the temptation to virtually hover over your people. You wouldn’t stand over them and get in the way if you were there, why do it when you’re gone.

That leads to the first tip: let them have some control. You really don’t have to do it yourself, and, if you’ve hired the right people, it’s probably better they do it than you. That is, after all, why you hired them. Give your team a chance to earn your trust while you are away. Instead of worrying about the decisions they might be making, prepare opportunities for them to take the lead. GIVE them a chance to impress you…on purpose.

If you are sitting there shaking your head about the first tip, you have a bigger problem than you want to admit. Either you’re a control freak, or you hired the wrong people. When you hire employees, one of the factors you MUST consider is whether or not those people “need” you in order to do their jobs well. If they do, then something is wrong in the process. The goal of management should be to make the work better and more efficient, not just to make it possible.

Here’s another tip: set up your in-office operations in ways that work for your team, not just “how you like it.” Here’s the thing, the latter may make you feel more comfortable, but it irritates your people, distracts them and, when you’re gone, tempts them to waste time figuring out “better” ways to do things. If you have your protocols set up to best involve and utilize their skills, then they will be too engaged in doing their work to tinker. But, if you insist on doing things in a way that hinders their work, smart people will never stop trying to fix your stupidity. Their success is your success, and it’s much more important than your comfort level – never forget that … whether you are in the office or out chasing more business.

Why Apple is Bailing on the Ad Business

While it seems like Apple is getting involved in every possible business, from video to audio to everything tech, there is one industry that the company seems to have given up on. According to multiple media reports, Apple is planning to get out of the advertising business, dealing all of its iAd management to various publishers. Continue reading Why Apple is Bailing on the Ad Business

4 Ways to Best Advance Professionally

No matter what type of field you work in, chances are you want to advance. This doesn’t necessarily mean finding a new company or line of work, but it does mean progressing. Many people, however, are not quite sure how to accomplish this. Here are four ways to best advance professionally so you can achieve all of your goals.

Have the goal in mind…

Know where your career is going. This doesn’t necessarily mean having every little detail plotted out on a timeline, but you should know where you want to end up and the general steps you will take to get there. Knowing your goal helps you make decisions to reach the place you want to be professionally.

Speak to people who have the role or position to which you aspire…

Ask them how they got there. Not only can they offer advice, but you will probably discover shortcuts to reach your goal sooner. They can help you figure out the specifics of what you need to do to advance professionally, and once you know this, you can start working towards it without detours.

Look around your workplace…

What teams or departments will help you reach your goal? Once you know this, it is time to make connections in these areas. Talk to people, and help out even if you don’t work in that area. You never know when word of mouth will get around and who might be listening to chatter about you. Make yourself visible in a positive way in the areas of your organization helps you to reach your end goal.

Only pursue goals you want to achieve…

If you realize your original plan just isn’t you, then look for something else. The last thing you want is to lose passion and motivation because you no longer want to be where you are. Be ready to change directions if you need to, and make sure you are excited to advance.

Everyone wants to move forward, so it is important to know how to get ahead in your career. Keeping these four ways to best advance professionally in mind keeps you from stagnating in your job and helps you achieve your professional goals.

Roman Temkin is the leading NYC real estate developer.