Luxury Housing Market

Top Trends in the Luxury Housing Market

Roman Temkin Top Trends in Luxury Housing Market InfographicHome location is the hottest trend in luxurious homes sales in the United States. Picturesque views, spacious floor plans, acres of ranch land, mountain sunsets, and turquoise beaches with white sand for relaxing. These are the kinds of places people want to experience because they need to refresh and replenish themselves. The right spot is more important than anything else. 

Urban centers

Many Millennials are looking for housing that still meets their love of nightlife and culture while providing a safe family environment for the next phase in their lives according to U.S. News. Suburban neighborhoods with quick downtown access surrounded by modern green spaces are becoming more popular with this age group.

All-inclusive rentals

The Turks and Caicos have several comprehensive vacation packages that allow visitors to experience everything they have to offer for one price. This method of payment lets guests enjoy the experience without worrying about currency exchanges, tipping servers, and keeping track of expenses during their vacation. People want more bang for their buck because the markets are shifting towards buyers. This change is giving the general public more leverage and options when searching for property to rent or buy. People can take a bit longer to see what is out there before making a decision.

Baby boomer communities

The older generation has joined the trend by buying homes in luxury communities that have championship golf, exclusive views, mountain lodging, or ocean access. The homes are decked out with stainless steel appliances, marble counters, and beachy colors. Single level homes with docking rights is a very popular trend in senior communities in Florida.

Trophy homes

Christies says that homes are in the “trophy” phase. People want a home that stands out and has all the bells and whistles because the economy is more balanced. Everyone wants some “bling” in his or her new home to show off to friends and family.

More importantly, they are looking for the right home and location that provides them with plenty of indoor and outdoor places to visit during their time off. People want access to art displays, training centers, fine dining establishments, amusement parks, tennis courts, and a beautiful place for date night when they stay somewhere for vacation. Ease of access to local entertainment areas is the big ticket in luxury real estate. The location is much more important that it has been in the past.

Roman Temkin is an entrepreneur from New York City.


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